SL5800D 58GHz digital 2Mb/s microwave link
  • Licence free in most countries
  • Short range secure professional 2Mb/s E1 G.703 PDH communication
  • Local and remote loop-back functions
  • Standard 75ohm BNC unbalanced coax or 120ohm RJ45 twisted pair connectionSL5800D 58GHz digital 2Mb/s

Also available in 31GHz format This professional microwave radio link has been specifically developed to offer high quality robust digital 2Mb/s E1 G.703 communication for computer networking, telephony, security systems and GSM backhaul.

The use of the licence free 58GHz band (sometimes known as the 60GHz frequency band) offers rapid deployment, high security communication links at ranges up to 1km allowing for building-to-building campus communication.

At these very high frequencies the technology is point-to-point and requires absolute clear line of sight free from obstructions by trees, buildings, hills etc.

This type of link can also be provided offering a number of analogue video channels plus 2Mb/s E1 circuits for remote connection of CCTV, computer networks, digital video recorders, access control, telephone systems.

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