The DataWave 60 has applications in telecoms and networking and operates at 60GHz. The system offers a cost-effective data connection over a distance of up to 1 kilometre, for data rates from 2 to 16 Megabits/sec. Operating in a derestricted frequency band, this microwave radio link is ready for immediate deployment.Data Wave

The DataWave 60 system comprises of a pair of outdoor units and a pair of indoor units. Each outdoor unit contains the radio transmitter and receiver as well as the antennas. Each indoor unit presents the customer interfaces in the form of G.703 in the case of the 2 and 4 x 2 Megabit models, and as either fibre or various wired interface options in the case of the Ethernet and Token Ring versions. The DataWave 60 has been designed using the latest techniques in millimetre wave technology which permit the complete integration of all microwave functions into a single rugged sub-assembly. This technology yields a significant increase in reliability when compared to conventional approaches. Diagnostic indicators on both the indoor and outdoor units provide the user with continuous information from the microwave link. A signal strength indicator showing the receiver signal ensures that the commissioning process is simple and quick, and also provides routine information that the microwave link is performing as originally specified.

The DataWave 60 has been developed specifically for the transmission of digital information over distances of up to 1 kilometre. The utilisation of the 60 GHz band ensures a tight energy beam giving highly secure and reliable operation. The following represent a selection of applications ideally suited to the DataWave 60: Crossing difficult terrain Temporary link requirements Reliable back up for vital leased lines Disaster recovery Voice and data traffic can be carried by the DataWave 60, by either the 2Mb or 4x2 Mb models. Alternatively, full network-speed connection of Ethernet and Token Ring computer networks is provided by the 10 Mb and the 4/16 Mb models respectively.

  • Point to point link for 1 kilometre range, operating in the internationally agreed derestricted 60 GHz band Suitable for immediate deployment.
  • Optical fibre connections from head to base unit.
  • Integral signal strength meter for accurate alignment.
  • Logical diagnostic and alarm facilities available.
  • Conforms to British specification MPT1415, European specification ETS300.408 and Swiss BAKOM specification.

Models Available:

  • DW60-2 for 2Mb G.703
  • DW60-4x2 for 4x2 Mb G.703
  • DW60-10 for 10Mb Ethernet
  • DW60-16 for 4/16 Mb Token Ring
  • Full wire speed Ethernet and token ring connections
  • Powered from 230/115 VAC with other options available (24 VDC, 48 VDC, etc)