Fibre Air
  • Operating frequency range: 37 - 40 GHz (37 - 39.5 GHz, ETSI) (37-38.6, 38.6-40GHz, FCC) Tuning range 37 - 40 GHz
  • Single ODU supports all ETSI and FCC frequency bands. Frequency source: Synthesizer.Fibre Air
  • Tx - Rx spacing 1260 MHz ETSI , 700 MHz FCC Compatible standards : ETSI prETS 300 197, MPT 1414

It is the first high-capacity Digital Relay System operating at frequency over 30GHz. The system can carry medium and high-capacity (STM-1, OC-3) payloads such as voice, video and data and is especially designed for microwave ATM.

While Giganet's systems carry SDH/SONET payloads, they are still compact in size. The systems are software-oriented and deploy state-of-the-art digital communications and microwave technologies, The systems are operating in the 18 to 38 GHz frequency bands and delivering high spectral efficiencies. The system is composed of an Indoor Unit (IDU), an Outdoor Unit (ODU), a high-performance antenna, and a Management subsystem. The systems are equipped with an SNMP agent and can be controlled either by the company's Gignaet_View management software or interfaced to the telecommunications management network of the service provider. The design of Giganet systems comply with ITU-T, ITU-R, ETSI, RA, BAPT and FCC standards.