Internet Connectivity Service via Satellite 

Asymmetrical Internet
Internet Service providers, carriers and multi-national corporations, are increasingly dependant on the lnternet for their business. They now find themselves having to extend the reach of their networks into regions under served by terrestrial systems. There is a growing demand for broadband network access offering the same reliability and service guarantees in developing areas as is customary in the developed world. 

Applications Include:

  • Internet Backbone (ISPs & Carriers)
  • File Transfer (FTP)
  • Web Browsing (WWW)
  • Corporate & private Internet/Intranet access links
  • E-commerce
  • Asymmetric traffic Flow
lnternet traffic is generally asymmetric: Whilst the amount of inbound data transmitted by individual users is modest, the outbound return flow, generated by ISPs and content providers is much greater. Networks that carry lnternet traffic experience significantly higher throughput in one direction than in the other. Ideally, bandwidth should be assigned to the network asymmetrically. There should be no need to provide and pay for the same bandwidth for inbound delivery as is needed for the outbound. Unlike terrestrial networks, with satellite links it is possible to assign bandwidth exactly as required for each direction. 

Satellite Internet Advantages:
  • Asymmetrical bandwidth.Asymmetrical Internet
  • Complement Existing Networks
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Easy bandwidth expansion.
  • Reliable secure transmission
  • Access to difficult to serve locations.
  • Global coverage.
  • Cost Effective.

A satellite solution is frequently the most efficient and cost effective method for transporting Internet traffic. 

With the satellite internet connectivity service offered bandwidth will be furnished that precisely fits the users operational requirements for asymmetrical:-
  • Backbone Service
  • Access Service (ISP - backbone)
  • Enterprise Service (office - ISP)
  • Guaranteed lnternet Bandwidth
Redwing operates a Gateway near London, that is directly connected to terrestrial carriers and lnternet backbone networks. This assures users such as ISPs and others throughout Europe and beyond a very reliable access to the global internet. 

Redwing provides full turnkey solutions for all global lnternet connectivity needs. This includes all hardware, software, satellite capacity and Internet access as well as installation, maintenance and network management with 24 hours coverage