Data Broadcasting

Data Broadcasting has traditionally been one of the best examples of satellite communications excellence. It has no equal in a terrestrial network. Even today, it is increasingly being positioned as a major transmission mechanism in many new strategic areas of business, such as retail, multimedia distribution and wholesale and corporate networking. Not only are unidirectional bandwidth demands increasing, new applications are also appearing with great regularity. Increasingly this includes digital audio and video distribution. 

Transmission of data from one location to many others is most economically and efficiently accomplished through the use of a geostationary satellite. 

Traffic from a central point is transmitted via the satellite to a community of receive-only VSATs located anywhere within the satellite's footprint. Messages can be identified with addresses, ensuring that only the recipients who are addressed will be able to process the message. Such technology can now serve all types of data and multimedia applications. New encoding standards also facilitate the distribution of digital audio and video programs. 

Advantages of Broadcast

  • Asymmetrical bandwidth.
  • Complement Existing Networks
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Easy bandwidth expansion.
  • Reliable secure transmission
  • Access to difficult to serve locations.
  • Global coverage.
  • Cost Effective.
Redwing Satellite Network 

With Data Broadcast Service a tailor made solution will be furnished that precisely fits the users operational requirements for all data broadcast and multicast applications
  • Audio and Video Distribution
  • Data Distribution
  • Image Transfer
  • Enterprise Information Publication
  • Capacity Boost
  • Paging Networks
Redwing operates an uplink gateway near London that can be reached by its clients through a large choice of terrestrial connections via carriers, service providers and audio/video distribution networks. Operators and users throughout the world are afforded a very reliable high bandwidth access to potentially thousands of locations throughout Europe, Africa and beyond. 

The Redwing Satellite Network provides full turnkey solutions for all data broadcast connectivity needs. This includes all hardware, software, satellite capacity and terrestrial access as well as installation, maintenance and network management with 24 hours coverage.