Satellite Links

For very long range communication allowing for transmission of voice and data across borders and continents, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite communication is possible and is becoming increasingly cost effective.

Solutions are available for single point-to-point , point-to-multi point, mesh and broadcast style networks.

A variety of solution are available, depending on the requirement:

  • Private Circuits:-
  • Private telecommunication links between any two points via satellite "Leased Line in the Sky". Wideband channels carry integrated services such as data, voice and video. Rooftop-to-rooftop or gateway-to-rooftop where the Gateway is connected to terrestrial services networks for further distribution.
  • Unidirectional Internet:-
  • Distribution of broadband Internet data and multimedia information via satellite to remote receive-only earth stations. Information from corporate or ISP servers are relayed, via terrestrial backbone networks, to the Gateway for uplinking and networking services.
  • Thin Route Telephony:-
  • Private telephony service linking geographically remote points to central office locations. Satellite channels carry voice and fax traffic between rooftop VSATs and a Gateway earth station. These circuits can then be linked to terrestrial carriers and PTTs for further distribution.
  • Asymmetrical Internet:-
  • Asymmetrical Internet access and trunk connections via satellite. Using small customer premise (VSAT) earth stations. Gateway to VSAT (outbound) connections at up to multiple E1 (2Mb/s) rates and VSAT to Gateway (inbound) connections at typically 25% of the outbound rate are provided. Gateway can be accessed via multiple fibre circuits to Lodon International network access switches.
  • Data Broadcast:-
  • Distribution of narrow and broadband digital data, audio and visual information via satellite to any number of receive-only installations. Client information to be broadcastcan be relayed, via terrestrial backbone network, to the Redwing Gatway for transmission via the satellite. Data can also be uplinked from a remotely controlled customer premise VSAT antenna.
  • Consultation
  • Communications requirements analysis
  • Network Planning
  • Installation
  • National licensing management
  • Network operations and management
  • Maintenance
  • Value-added services
Turnkey solutions, from communications requirement analysis and planning, to network installation and management, are offered. Specialists support every stage of network implementation. Dedicated teams handle all project management, operational and maintenance issues.

Businesses benefit from sophisticated and advanced, yet field proven communications platforms. Services offered and products support value-added applications (video, audio and voice), with WAN/LAN compatibility for the evolving client-server environment.


A network Operations Centre offers real-time network monitoring, operations and technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Disaster recovery is provided by a completely separate NOC in another location, to ensure continuous network operation even during extreme disasters.