Private Satellite Circuits

Point-to-point Connection Service

Basic telecommunications consists of connecting two points to each other. The volume of traffic dictates the bandwidth needed for the link. Reliable digital circuits, whether using switched networks or leased lines, can easily be obtained throughout the developed world. With business expanding rapidly into areas where such dependable links cannot be provided, or are less reliable and very costly, there is a growing demand for simple, high capacity circuits that can be quickly implemented.Applications Include:

  • Backup Linking
  • File Transfer
  • E-mail
  • Network Extension
  • Voice and telephony
  • Private Trunking
  • Emergency Stand-by facilities
Extending the Reach via Satellite .A satellite link offers the most efficient means of connecting any two points to each other. The technology used with Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) systems combined with small earth stations, allow communications to be set up rapidly via satellite. Private links are established which are tailored to the specific needs of the user. In MCPC, Multiple channels can be combined on a carrier transmitted from a single location to provide access to multiple remote sites. Advantages of Single Channel Per Carrier Satellite Links
  • Reliable, two-way Transmission
  • Any bandwidth can be provided
  • Low Cost, Very Small Aperture Satellite Terminals (VSAT)
  • Quick and economical to install
  • Easy Growth
  • World-Wide reach
  • High Security
  • Redwing Satellite Network
Redwing Satellite Solutions provides tailor-made SCPC/MCPC solutions for a broad spectrum of applications world-wide. Using routers, PABX and multiplexers, various information streams can be integrated into a single channel:
  • Digital Data: lnteractive and Batch
  • Telephone, Fax and PSTN breakout
  • Videoconferencing/Distance Learning
  • Rooftop-to-Gateway
  • Rooftop-to-Rooftop
Private 1 Redwing can offer networks using its own Gateway as well as networks comprising private earth stations. Redwing operates a Gateway, near London, that is directly connected to multiple terrestrial carriers. This assures users very reliable access to all global networks.
Private 2 Fairlink Systems with Redwing provides full turnkey solutions for all global connectivity needs. This includes all necessary hardware, software, satellite, PSTN breakout and lnternet access as well as installation, maintenance and network management with 24 hours coverage.