Thin Route Telephony

Traditional lnternet applications such as web browsing, e-mail and file transfer involve the transfer of information between a single sender and one or more receivers. This point-to-point topology is well served by the lnternet architecture, having been developed efficient terrestrial communications. Today, new applications are creating novel demands on networks everywhere. As unidirectional bandwidth demands increase, coupled with information sharing applications, a more efficient means of point-to-multipoint is needed.

Enterprise Telephony Service Much effort has been made in the past to provide high quality data communication links via satellite. These links connect remote locations in developing countries with corporate offices world-wide. Satellite based services have proven to be economical and reliable, contributing greatly to the growth of satellite communications. Telephony (voice & fax) applications, on the other hand, have often been relegated to secondary status, and where implemented, are added to a data network as an after-thought. Now, a new and cost-effective satellite solution is at hand.

Advantages Of Broadcast:

  • Links for Governments/Embassies
  • Peacekeeping
  • Disaster Relief
  • Oil & Mining industries
  • Rural Communities
  • Branch Offices
  • Island Resorts
  • Calling via Satellite
One of the most economical and flexible methods to connect one or more remote sites to an organisation's own voice network is to use thin route satellite links. Connecting through Gateway Earth Station into the users own telephony network, thin-route satellite circuits be become a seamless part of the network. The remote site can also access various PSTN services via the Gateway. Making calls between head-quarters and remote offices is now as easy as calling any other extension within the network.

Advantages Of Thin Route Telephony:
  • Reliable & secure quality service
  • Access to PPTN
  • Voice, fax and low-rate data
  • Single-hop, World-wide reach
  • Quick and economical to install
  • Easy capacity expansion
  • Gateway to Rooftop
Exceptional efficiency in the utilisation of space segment is achieved. Coupled with quality of service appropriate to the users needs. Thin Route-Telephony is an attractive option for any customer looking for cost-effective digital technology, combined with modest up-front investments to provide the extended reach so essential in today’s business.

Thin-Route Solution

A Gateway station north of London, operated by Redwing Satellite Solutions, provides the interface between the satellite thin route system and the terrestrial PTT and private networks. The solution offers:
  • Toll quality voice connections
  • Fax
  • Low rate data
  • Multiplexed Voice Channels with compression
Solutions can also be provided for remote-to-remote (Rooftop to Rooftop) thin route telephony.

Fairlink Systems and Redwing provides full turnkey solutions for all global connectivity needs. Hardware, software and satellite capacity, as well as installation, maintenance and network management with 24 hours coverage are included.