Internet One Way Satellite Service

Traditional lnternet applications such as web browsing, e-mail and file transfer involve the transfer of information between a single sender and one or more receivers. This point-to-point topology is well served by the lnternet architecture, having been developed efficient terrestrial communications. Today, new applications are creating novel demands on networks everywhere. As unidirectional bandwidth demands increase, coupled with information sharing applications, a more efficient means of point-to-multipoint is needed.

Applications Include:

  • Web Surfing/Casting
  • Caching
  • Capacity Boost
  • Database Replication
  • Software downloading
  • Content delivery
  • Broadcast/Multicast via Satellite
Broadband transmission of lnternet outbound data to one or many users can easily be accommodated through the use of satellite communications. Traffic from central point is broad-cast via a satellite signal that is received by a single or population of receive-only VSATs. In a Multicasting environment, only the recipients addressed in a message will process the information. Multimedia applications such as audio and video, can be distributed together with traditional applications such as data transmission. Where a low rate return connection is required, a terrestrial dial-up link can be established. 

Advantages Of Broadcast
  • Very low cost, small receivers.
  • No licenses required.
  • Quick and economical to install.
  • Easy bandwidth expansion.
  • Reliable secure transmission.
  • Access to difficult to serve locations.
  • Global coverage.