This new generation of multichannel and single channel microwave links provide live and real time transmission with superb video quality over ranges of 30 metres to 30km.

The options available for the transmission of CCTV video have been increased dramatically with the introduction of these links. They allow users to install broadcast quality video transmission systems rapidly and economically.SL5800

Many different configurations are available, including transmission from individual cameras or groups of cameras, with the video transmitted either directly or in multiple hops.

The equipment is designed to maximise flexibility. Additional cameras can be installed in the system after the initial installation, and cameras can be re-located from their orginal site, all with minimum disruption and at low cost.

Users of the equipment range from city and town councils, police forces, military, multi-national coporations and business operators.

MULTICHANNEL LINKS-The multichannel links are a unique CCTV product. For the first time, operators can install equipment that can transmit up to 19 live annd real time channels on a single link with no loss of video quality. Cameras can be hard wired to the transmitter, or the video can be transmitted directly from the camera to a common receiver, and then relayed on to the Control Centre. Multiple hopes are possible with no discernable loss of quality.

Video Test Equipment.-A range of carefully selected test equipment suitable for those installing, maintaining and managing CCTV surveillance and video transmission systems.

Each has been chosen for its low cost and ease of use.-

The versatility of the equipment is such that it can configure in many different ways to satisfy most requirements. FAIRLINK SYSTEMS LTD have a wide range of products within this catorgory, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and find a solution to suit your needs.