Video Testing

A range of carefully selected test equipment suitable for those installing, maintaining and managing CCTV surveillance and video transmission systems.

Each has been chosen for its low cost and ease of use.

Cable Length Testing

  • Ranger CLM1 Cable Length Meter:This low cost hand held test meter provides a direct readout in metres of the length of an unterminated run of RG59 (75ohm) and RG58 (50ohm) or equivalent coaxial cable, coaxial cable with a resolution of 2-3 metres.

Video Level Testing

  • Ranger VLM1 Video Level Meter:This low cost hand held test meter provides a direct reading in volts of peak white and sync levels of a CCTV video signal on a 4-digit LCD display.
Video Pattern Generator
  • Ranger TCG1 Test Card Generator:This low cost hand held test pattern generator provides a standard 75ohm, 1 volt peak-to-peak, PAL encoded CCIR video signal for the testing of monitors and other CCTV equipment.

Camera Phase Adjustment

  • Ranger PM1 Phase Meter:This low cost hand held test meter has a 10 bar, LED display to indicate the sync. phase relationship between two video cameras or circuits.
Camera Focus Setting
  • Ranger FM1 Focus Adjustment Meter:This unique low cost hand held test meter will allow fine adjustment of overall focus of a CCTV camera, especially useful whenever a monitor is not available.
Engineers Test Monitors
  • PSM 012 Monochrome Test Monitor:This black and white service monitor is an essential tool for all CCTV engineers, allowing simple on the spot adjustment of camera and lens with the minimum inconvenience.
HandySet Technical - HS101T Video Test Monitor
  • HS101T Video Test Monitor: HandySet Technical combines a portable colour test monitor with an on screen display of the Sync Pulse, Chroma Burst and Video levels as well as the internal battery voltage.